Delivery Thank You Basket Printable

UPS Delivery Thank You Basket Printable Sign via Mandy's Party Printables

I’ll tell you a secret. Christmas and I have a very love/hate relationship. I love love love Christmas. I love the magic, the wonder, and the delicious baked goods.

However, the hate part comes because my husband has a wonderful job.


Weird, right?

My hero, my hardworking husband, is a package car driver for UPS.  He’s SANTA!! (Does that make me Mrs. Claus?)

Now, let me be clear….I went Chrismtas shopping strickly online this year….my UPS man, FedEx guy, and Mailwoman have single handedly delivered Chrismtas to my house….so I can’t begrudge anyone else the same right and privilage. However, I really really miss my husband. My boys miss dad. He works long hours and often every weekend leading up to Christmas. Thus the hate part.

Anyway, back to my post here….I know that every delivery person is working long hours. Most likely these hours are worked in adverse conditions like snow, wind, cold, and rain. Plus, do you know how hard it is to see house numbers in the dark??

I wanted to do something for those delivering happiness, and a friend of mine had this great idea!

Delivery Driver Thank You Basket

UPS delivery thank you printable via Mandy's Party Printables

Thats right! A basket of goodies for my UPS driver! A blessed snack for my FedEx package deliverer. A little pick me up for my USPS carryer.

UPS Delivery Thank You Basket Printable Sign via Mandy's Party Printables
Click on the picture to grab the sign!

I’ve included a printable for you to attach to your basket of food. Oh, and speaking of food and goodies, you can see what I have included this time around, but here are some ideas:

  • High protein snacks like protein bars, jerkey, or nuts -or- treats with nuts like Snickers candy bars or chocolate covered almonds.
  • Chips, sunflower seeds, or granola bars.
  • Juice, soda, water, and other drinks.
  • Fruit
  • Candy, licorice, or individually wrapped cakes or brownies (like Little Debbie)

Keep in mind that they don’t have a lot of time to snack; I once got my husband a bag of Hershey’s Kisses and he said he loved them–on the way home–because he didn’t have time to open each kiss while working. 

UPS Mailman FedEx Thank You Printable via Mandy's Party Printables

Printable Thank You for Goody Basket via Mandy's Party Printables

This is a great way to show your thanks and I guarantee your package delivery people will have a soft spot for you!

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