Shopkins Party Game Printable

D'lish DonutIt’s been a little while since I have done any Shopkins related printables, and it is time for something new, right?!?! I agree! One can never have enough Shopkins.

Shopkins Party Game Printable

To begin, I need to tell you a little story….

Once upon a time there was a girl (me) who taught preschool for 15 years (yep, I did, which is one of the reasons why I love making these printables!). One of the most favorite games of both preschool kids and teacher alike was Don’t Eat Pete! The kids LOVED playing this simple game and it was something that was customizable to any theme. It made everyone happy every time it was played. The end.

So, this may have not been the most riveting story, but it leads me to this Shopkins party game printable that I have for you. It is my own customized version of Don’t Eat Pete!

Drumroll please….

Don’t Eat Shoppy!

Shopkins Party Game Printable of Don't Eat Pete via Mandy's Party Printables |

Party Game Instructions

The game is played as follows:

  1. Print out this Don’t Eat Shoppy game board on cardstock
  2. Gather some small treats such as Skittles, M&M’s, chocolate chips, or Reeses Pieces.
  3. Gather the children around the game board, making sure everyone is in a spot that they can see.
  4. Explain to the children that you will have a “guesser” and a “chooser” for each round. Everyone will get a turn to be both. When the “guesser” leaves the room, the “chooser” picks one of the characters to be “Shoppy” for that round. Once the “guesser” comes back in they will start picking up candy pieces, one-by-one, until they pick up “Shoppy” at which time everyone says, “Don’t Eat Shoppy!!!” then that round of the game is over. The “guesser” gets to keep the candy they have collected in that round.
  5. Choose one child to be the “guesser” and one child to be the “chooser” (now, I normally have the “chooser” be the next to be the “guesser” because that cuts down on the chaos and keeps it easy for me to remember who has had a turn to be both, but you can do it however your little heart desires),
  6.  It’s up to you, but if the “guesser” picks Shoppy very first then I let them have another turn, because everyone should have at least one M&M, right?

Have fun playing this game and let me know if you have any questions or if you have any fun stories to tell about playing Don’t Eat Shoppy!

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Shopkins Birthday Party Printables

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Looking it for FREE Shopkins birthday party printables?? Your little one loves the show, and walks around with the cute character toys clutched in her little hands. A birthday party filled with all things Shopkins will delight and excite her. However, it can get pretty pricey putting together a party, right? Well, save a few bucks by printing out these FREE Shopkins birthday invitations, cupcake toppers, and sticker decals.

Shopkins Birthday Party Printables

First up, we have Shopkins printable birthday party invitations. These print on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. I recommend printing on cardstock, but you can also print on photo paper for a glossy feel.

Free printable Shopkins birthday party invitation by Mandy's Party Printables

You can get the download for these invitations here.

Shopkins Birthday Cupcake Toppers

Next up, you can download and print these Shopkins cupcake toppers here, but, you can also use them for stickers, using printable sticker sheets–I buy mine here (Avery Sticker Project Paper, White, 8.5 x 11 Inches, Pack of 15 (03383) , but they can be found just about anywhere online or in big box stores. They go perfectly on these (Polar Ice PIJS040200 Jello Shot Souffle Cups with Lids, 2-Ounce, Translucent, 40-Pack), that you can fill with little Shopkins party favors, small treats, or anything else your heart desires. They would also go perfectly on favor sacks to seal the bag.

Shopkins birthday printable stickers from Mandy's Party Printables |

Condiment cup Shopkins stickers from Mandy's Party Printables |

You are probably more creative than I am…so let me know what you do with them!

Shopkins cupcake toppers

Look for more Shopkins party printables coming up! Also, don’t forget to check out these other garden themed Shopkins birthday party printables:

Free Shopkins Birthday Party Printables

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**All Shopkins images property of Disney**

Free Shopkins Birthday Party Printables

Shopkins Cupcake Topper Printables via Mandy's Party Ideas

Oh! I am SO excited! I have the cutest Shopkins birthday party printables! I have worked on these for you because I want you to get these cute printables for FREE! So, if you have a little cutie at home who is in love with Shopkins, I have the printables for your next party.

Seriously, who doesn’t love cute little Shopkins? They fit the cute little chubby hands of your wee one, and yes, sometimes they do hide in the most unsuspecting spots, waiting for you to step on them, just like their friends the Lego!

Free Shopkins Birthday Party Printables

So, here is the deal….I have a printable Shopkins Happy Birthday banner, a Shopkins birthday party invitation, and Shopkins cupcake toppers. Beneath each picture is a link to a pdf download. Just click and print.

I would recommend printing on cardstock or photo paper if you’d like a glossy finish. All pdf’s print on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. Please feel free to share the links, but just be sure to link it back to this post. Share the love!

Free Printable Shopkins Birthday Party Banner | Shopkins Happy Birthday Banner via

Shopkins Happy Birthday Banner (this takes you to google drive–it’s easier for this banner)

Free Shopkins Birthday Party Invitations via

Free Printable Shopkins Birthday Party Invitation

Shopkins Cupcake Topper Printables via Mandy's Party Ideas

Free Printable Shopkins Cupcake Toppers

I would LOVE to have pictures of how you used these printables in your parties, just leave me a comment with a link to pictures or leave a picture in the comments!

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Mandy's Party Printables

**All Shopkins images property of Disney**