Hipster Easter Bunny Printables Round 2

Hey there! I am so glad you came by!

There are only a few more weeks until Easter! I thought I would be super prepared for the holiday and miss the mad rush and fight over the last bag of semi-unwanted candy at the store. I made up my list:

  • Print and frame Hipster bunnies 
  • Find Easter baskets (how in the world do they get lost every year? I swear I put them in the same spot!)
  • Purchase Easter candy for said baskets
  • Plan menu for Easter Sunday

Let me tell you how it’s going.

I printed out my bunnies…they are adorable. Magically, I found the baskets…they were actually in the right spot this time. I guess they didn’t hop away this year. My menu is planned and includes the usual ham, funeral potatoes, strawberry spinach salad, and my favorite marinated asparagus with delicious dip.

I also got exactly the candy that my kids (and myself) love. I put it in the usual hiding spot and thought I forgot about it.

Until Monday.

Monday was a hard day.

I ate all the Cadbury mini eggs. All of them. The whole bag. Who does that?? Me. That’s who.

It’s a good thing I have these hipster Easter bunnies to sooth my chubby soul.

Hipster Easter Printable Signs

Hipster Easter Hip Hop Girl Bunny Printable Sign via Mandy's Party Printables

Hipster Easter Printable Signs via Mandy's Party Printables


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