Hot Chocolate Stand Printables

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School is out. The brand new Christmas presents have finally lost their all-encompassing appeal. The snow has been dug and made into snow families, complete with aunts and uncles. Now your kids have started to whine and complain about being bored. It is time for something new. Set up a dramatic play area for your kids or preschool kids with these FREE Hot Chocolate Stand Printables!

Hot Chocolate Stand Printables

I taught preschool for over a decade. I absolutely loved having these little 3 and 4 year olds under my care and watching them learn and grow. One of my favorite parts of preschool was dramatic play.

My mother was an expert in working my imagination, and I revel in creating experiences for my own children and for preschool-aged children to exercise their imaginative capabilities! Look for many dramatic play printables coming your way.

I reccomend printing the money, prices, and stand sign on cardstock, and you can print the order forms on regular paper or cardstock. As far as the order forms go, you can also laminate them and use a dry erase marker to take orders.

You can also purchase these adorable…and plastic…holiday cocoa mugs for your stand.

Free Hot Chocolate Stand Printable Hot Chocolate Play Money via Mandy's Party Printables

You can print out this Hot Chocolate Stand play money here. Kids LOVE play money.


Free Hot Chocolate Stand Printables Order Slips via Mandy's Party Printables

Here are the cute “order forms” to print out. Give the kids a pencil and a play cash register and you are in business! Literally!



Last, but not least, here is the Hot Chocolate Stand business sign to hang up on your stand to advertise your delicious beverage.

Free Hot Chocolate Stand Printables Prices via Mandy's Party Printables

Here is the hot chocolate prices sign.

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