Watermelon Party Printables

Happy Summer!!

The weather has been crazy here! It went from rainy and mid 60’s to upper 90’s overnight! What happened to the 70’s and 80’s people?? With the hot temperatures it really does seem like summer is in full swing, so I have some Watermelon Party Printables for you today! You can use them for a birthday party, summer bash, or 4th of July celebration.

Watermelon-Banner Plain from Mandy's Party Printables | mandyspartyprintables.com

Watermelon Party Printables

These watermelon slice printables can be used to make a banner, for food labels, name place cards, even as silverware holders.

You're-One-in-a-Melon from Mandy's Party Printables | Mandy's Party Printables

Here is my favorite printable from this watermelon party printables collection–You’re One in a Melon. Isn’t it adorable?!? You could even use this as a teacher gift, thank you printable, or birthday gift in a nice frame.

Watermelon Celebrate Banner from Mandy's Party Printables | mandyspartyprintables.com

Lastly, here is a CELEBRATE watermelon party printable banner. You print it in 3 parts and all three parts can be found here:

Watermelon banner part 1

Watermelon banner part 2

Watermelon banner part 3


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